Wednesday, February 16, 2011

santa come again

he was so cute before he could talk and now we know what he is actually thinking...

kid, wearing Nana's brown shoes, Daddy's work hat and scooby doo underware, "Anthony, bye!"
mommy, "where you going?"

kid, "goin' pizza, daddy mommy, bye."

Baby Monitor Update:
"Oh Clementine, read it, mommy...anthony, walkin around it's santa!!! please santa come again bring a pretty...bunco baby! oh pillow pet, bunco baby and pillow pet, oh! I love you...hee haw hee haw, read book, readin that one, pillow pet, big boy, happy orange...that way turtle...not a bug...get off!!...tick tock tick tock...somebody, oh no big baby, oh no! get him, get him! (fake frantic breaths) oh my foot! oh my leg! um!...don't eat those! yuck nana! cat, my cat (x12)...seen my cat? (x 12) look! my cat!!!...what ya lookin at guys?...broken...( 2 sneezes)...good night lightning...good night baby, good night giraffe....woooosh! don't pillow pet...thanks, welcome...I did it!....lets see that book..."

What is he reading?
Have You Seen My Cat? by Eric Carle

Baby Monitor FAQ's
How has the new pillow pet, Clementine, changed the family dynamics of the "friends"?
That is a good question. Considering we have only had a few days to see how the relationships will form and change the dynamics of the friends, we can only guess at the long term effects. However, it has been observed that pillow pet is much better behaved. There are fewer angry outbursts from him in the last few days as well as less tooting. Overall, the rest of the friends are very welcoming and receptive to Clementine. Blue Blankie could not be reached for comment.

Sometime in the future on the baby monitor update.....

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