Friday, February 11, 2011

eat lava cake!

Baby Monitor Update:
"bunco baby! sit right down...I love you!...saaaaayyy Tee-go! oh Teego(Tee-go is a recently named dog, you will meet him some other night) car bed in box, Anthony in big boy bed...hi wocket, keep it on! on!...bunco baby! bunco baby boy! oh bunco baby, kiss bunco baby, right here...have it, I sad, have it....ohhhh....wocket in my pocket, my winno in my window, and my toot paste in my toot paste....wobba wobba wobba gone....on this window....wobbo on red car bed...gone, mommy put it away, mommy put it in the closet....want...have it....lava cake, eat lava cake! want it, lava cake upstairs....uh oh, pillow pet, cat in hat...wabba wabba....spider! spider you friend pillow pet...two, three, blue one, oh no my balloon gone (he has not had a balloon in months)...LOVE blue blankie, I love you, love blue blankie...happy mama mia, yes...Kara, Kara, acky! more hug pillow pet..."

A new baby, "bunco baby" was added to the family. Until Anthony rescued him, bunco baby spent most of his existence in a small plastic containter, waiting for his monthly outing when he got to spend 2 1/2 hours being thoughtlessly hurled between 12 women. My son, a truly empathetic individual, learned of the plight of bunco baby and took it upon himself to save bunco baby from his doomed life. He threw a fit and got his way until bunco baby was replaced as the "travel trophy". Bunco baby was saved and rescued from a fate worse than death, thanks to my heroic son.

Wocket showed up on our door step in a brown box from a secret admirer! we read every page of "there is a wocket in my pocket 3 times tonight to celebrate his arrival. Certainly an eventful night for the baby monitor update. And yes, there IS lava cake upstairs.


  1. Another great one!!! My mom has played Bunco since I was little. A real Wocket?!!? He's one lucky boy!

  2. Speaking of presents we still have one for
    Mr. AC!