Sunday, February 27, 2011

jump kangaroom

This is our day at the beach in Wyoming...

Sunday Nap-time Edition

Baby Monitor Update:
"Look at this one!....jump kangaroom...Wheeeeee!....oh sad, angryyyyy, sleepy, scared!...let's dance...bad! let's slide!!! (there is a slide in the story, I don't think he is using his bed slide!) way, go slow...mommy's a kangabroom, Anthony is Tony (the kid in the book), Kangabroom, Tony, that's Tony, Kangabroom, Happy, mad, silly.......that like Tony, good!...careful...Q, R, Anthony....Goin' shoppin tiger...mommy, daddy, kangaroom, wheel...kangroom, anthony's tony...anthony's tony....tony...daddy's car zoooom away! read my books (panting noises)......David getting in trouble, jump rope....hi and bye, hi and bye....get in trouble...."

still awake, hope he takes a nap today, its the only way I stay sane on the weekends....

what is he reading?
What do you do with a grumpy Kangaroo?

and David Gets in Trouble, by David Shannon

Friday, February 25, 2011

everybody gymnastics

at the dinner table,
kid, "Mommy, 4 dollars please." and holds out his hand.
mom, "you want 4 dollars?"
kid, "no, want 5 dollars."

mom, "what do you want 5 dollars for?"

kid, "buy a tent."

the tent he had before he tore it apart, he looks really happy in it I can see why he wants another one

Baby Monitor Update:
"Kangaroom down the slide!...a bike! jump rope....grumpy kangaroom, still him...that jump o jean...want a turn a page...nope....baloooooon....want a play a park, slide!...what doin' everybody?...llama llama red ajama, A, pip!...yellow...P....big it...what?....up!...M...(yawn)...(several minutes of quiet)...2...everybody gymnastics (it was his first day of gymnastics, he loved it!)...(yawn)....(more quiet)....oh blue blankie...."

Recently been overwhelmed with all the questions about the blog pouring in. Well if you folks didn't know it I have 2 jobs and a 2 year old son. I have no time for your questions. But I know how people like to be heard so here is a list of FAQs that I might get to sometime...but most likely won't

What kind of toothpaste do you use?
What is the most important part of your bedtime routine?
What brand of hot cocoa do you use?
What do you feed this kid?
Has he been exposed to lead paint?
Please tell us the history and development of the Pillow Pet Product? (how would I know, come on people)
How long will you keep this blog going? Actually, this one I will answer, hopefully he continues to talk himself to sleep well into his adulthood, wouldn't that be fun!?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

dunder the bed

while playing with legos after supper....
kid, " Anthony not scared anymore, sleepin' top my new bed! No more sleep dunder the bed"

Baby Monitor Update from the Top Bunk:
"Oh get my pillow down here, Pillow Pet ....(crying, so mommy went down stairs, helped him move all the friends, blankies and pillows to "dunder" the bed, onto his old mattress underneath the loft bed)...oh no, where my wocket?...two pillows, where did my green pillow go? oh my green pillow gone (yeah, it's now in a winnie the pooh pillow case!)...sleep, oh no!...big, I am big...I love you...gone? mommy gone?...Clementine, I love you...(the problem with sleeping "dunder" the bed is that when the space heater comes on I can hardly hear kid, I believe he is using this time to plan the uprising with the friends and blankie)....(heater off)...get in bed, too!...My books get my bed...oh pillow pet..."

Anthony and Nana, August 2008. Nana was looking at new hairstyles and I told her I like this one! Currently she is in her room watching QVC, and act quickly because there is only 25 minutes left.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Good Morning Laramie!

Yesterday, this bed was installed in kid's room. He did not play on it while going to sleep, which surprised all of us. He did wake up cold in the night, and instead of falling back asleep got very excited at seeing the new bed. He could not fall back asleep for a while...then woke up again because he had a dream about falling into a mud puddle. After a rough night, he is sleeping in, here are his thoughts first thing in the morning...

Good Morning Baby Monitor Update:
"sun comin' up...ohhh...(yawn) bed!...oh no...dunder the covers, baby...ready set...pillow pet's gone?..."

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bath Time Edition

In the bath tub in Destin Florida, 2009

Special Edition of the Baby Monitor takes place in the bathtub tonight, I was in the bathroom with him the entire time and he was having about as much fun as a kid can have in the tub with mom watching....

Bath Tub Monitor:
" Sheep magnet! whoa!...(puts suction cup net that holds the toys on to the tub) ...ahhhh...(pulls the suction cups off, does this lots and lots of times)...mommy look at that!...oh no! hey! turn water on (mommy says, "no, you have enough water, I know you want more, but you need to keep it off")....sad sad sad, want more water mommy....(mommy says, so very empathetically, "I can see you are sad but no more water.") ...I see you be mad at me, I turn the water on...(turns water on)....(mom turns water off)...My hippo! look, my hippo!...(drinks a big glub of water, swishes water in his mouth, picks up the small mirror to watch himself spit x4)...mommy, take you jammies off play in my tub, go swimmin, where my foot go? Oh there it is!...( I am so glad that even in the middle of a conversation I am pretty sure where my feet are)...Hey! I made it mommy! look at chicken cups! (he points to the SUCTION cups on the net)... chicken cups! I love it! poop sleepin' mommy....hey, chicken cups! on my feet, climb a wall...(tries to attach SUCTION cups to his feet)...mommy, want a wear those chicken cups in a bath tub?...mommy come my bathtub! ...(drinks water again)..."

Continued to play in the tub, it came time to get out, here is how that went down....
Mommy, "time to get out in 10 seconds"
kid, "no."
Mommy, "10"
kid, "no."
Mommy, "9"
kid, "no."
Mommy, "8"
kid, "no."
Mommy, "7"
kid, "no."
Mommy, "6"
kid, "no."
Mommy, "5"
kid, "no."
Mommy, "4"
kid, "no."
mommy, "3"
kid, "no."
Mommy, "2"
kid, "no."
Mommy, "1"
kid, "no."
Mommy, "0, time to get out!"
kid, "no, no,no,no,no,no!!!!"

A large battle similar to that in the Old Man and the Sea ensued, in the end, mommy came away with a very slippery and giggly 34 pound Anthony Fish.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

santa come again

he was so cute before he could talk and now we know what he is actually thinking...

kid, wearing Nana's brown shoes, Daddy's work hat and scooby doo underware, "Anthony, bye!"
mommy, "where you going?"

kid, "goin' pizza, daddy mommy, bye."

Baby Monitor Update:
"Oh Clementine, read it, mommy...anthony, walkin around it's santa!!! please santa come again bring a pretty...bunco baby! oh pillow pet, bunco baby and pillow pet, oh! I love you...hee haw hee haw, read book, readin that one, pillow pet, big boy, happy orange...that way turtle...not a bug...get off!!...tick tock tick tock...somebody, oh no big baby, oh no! get him, get him! (fake frantic breaths) oh my foot! oh my leg! um!...don't eat those! yuck nana! cat, my cat (x12)...seen my cat? (x 12) look! my cat!!!...what ya lookin at guys?...broken...( 2 sneezes)...good night lightning...good night baby, good night giraffe....woooosh! don't pillow pet...thanks, welcome...I did it!....lets see that book..."

What is he reading?
Have You Seen My Cat? by Eric Carle

Baby Monitor FAQ's
How has the new pillow pet, Clementine, changed the family dynamics of the "friends"?
That is a good question. Considering we have only had a few days to see how the relationships will form and change the dynamics of the friends, we can only guess at the long term effects. However, it has been observed that pillow pet is much better behaved. There are fewer angry outbursts from him in the last few days as well as less tooting. Overall, the rest of the friends are very welcoming and receptive to Clementine. Blue Blankie could not be reached for comment.

Sometime in the future on the baby monitor update.....

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Clementine's Day!

Mommy, "OK, we are done cooking, lets get out of the kitchen."

Kid, " No Mommy! Not YOUR kitchen MY kitchen, I want you gone"...what a sweetie, who ever encouraged this kid to learn our language anyway?

Baby Monitor Update: "What's in there guys? batteries...(chirping noise from some McDonald's toy) Gilbert!(see below) ....oh blue blankie, my pillow pet blankie...cuddle up....I love you Clementine....Anthony...mommy dad, mommy...shush!...chugga choo choo!...lookin' books guys...chugga choo choo!...bridge...look train red...uh oh...ready?...pillow pet...squish! ooooh!...(more noise from that toy)...move guys..sit, sit...sit down...nice...ok...oh put gilbert back (see below) ... Bunco baby! bunco baby!'s bunco baby (see previous blog)...shhhhhh...(fake snoring)...silly...sleepin' guys, where Tee-go? where are you? uh? (Tee-go, see below)...monkey, gone? no? yeah?...yeah?...(laughing) blankie, that mine, where my feet go? under my covers!....ah! there's more here! my all on my bed...good one guys..(yawn)"

What's he reading? Chugga Chugga Choo Choo by, Kevin Lewis

Who are all these new friends?

Daddy found a new pillow pet to bring home for Valentine's Day, kid has been calling it "Happy Clementine's Day pillow pet!" (Clementine: Cailou's friend on Sprout)

Tee-go, another stuffy from daddy. This one was purchased the summer of 2009 in the airport in Chicago to help make the last leg of our flight to Maine tolerable...and he barks because we don't want our kid to have to make the noise for his stuffies, that would be crazy...

and Glibert, named for the cat on Cailou on Sprout, he loves that show, and this was actually daddy's when he was little! Poor Gilbert, ends up on the floor every night. Note his hand sewn features, including tie dye felt ears, a very fine example of the early 1970's crafting...

...he is gonna need a bigger bed

Friday, February 11, 2011

eat lava cake!

Baby Monitor Update:
"bunco baby! sit right down...I love you!...saaaaayyy Tee-go! oh Teego(Tee-go is a recently named dog, you will meet him some other night) car bed in box, Anthony in big boy bed...hi wocket, keep it on! on!...bunco baby! bunco baby boy! oh bunco baby, kiss bunco baby, right here...have it, I sad, have it....ohhhh....wocket in my pocket, my winno in my window, and my toot paste in my toot paste....wobba wobba wobba gone....on this window....wobbo on red car bed...gone, mommy put it away, mommy put it in the closet....want...have it....lava cake, eat lava cake! want it, lava cake upstairs....uh oh, pillow pet, cat in hat...wabba wabba....spider! spider you friend pillow pet...two, three, blue one, oh no my balloon gone (he has not had a balloon in months)...LOVE blue blankie, I love you, love blue blankie...happy mama mia, yes...Kara, Kara, acky! more hug pillow pet..."

A new baby, "bunco baby" was added to the family. Until Anthony rescued him, bunco baby spent most of his existence in a small plastic containter, waiting for his monthly outing when he got to spend 2 1/2 hours being thoughtlessly hurled between 12 women. My son, a truly empathetic individual, learned of the plight of bunco baby and took it upon himself to save bunco baby from his doomed life. He threw a fit and got his way until bunco baby was replaced as the "travel trophy". Bunco baby was saved and rescued from a fate worse than death, thanks to my heroic son.

Wocket showed up on our door step in a brown box from a secret admirer! we read every page of "there is a wocket in my pocket 3 times tonight to celebrate his arrival. Certainly an eventful night for the baby monitor update. And yes, there IS lava cake upstairs.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

put butter on it

he has come a long way since his first bath

Baby Monitor Update:
"sit, don't move...hungry? pillow pet...very silly...what in it?...pillow pet come back, big pillow silly this one...feel that, put butter on it (no idea what this kid does in there, remember, he is only 2!)...butterfly, like these books pillow pet...ohhh...tattoos, oh pillow pet, what you think?...get those off!...get those zip it...pillow pet...put back...(exhausted sigh)...oh it book, uh huh...sleeping, yo-yo pop (lolly pop)...come on..butterfly...want some?...sit down, good boy!..."


Recently, I have received so many questions about my blog. The most frequent is, "What brand of baby monitor do you use?" Well, fans, we use the Fisher Price brand. We have found its static maintains a 85.9 decibel level, and rarely picks up truck CB transmissions (rarely: 3-5 times per night, which could be a whole blog on it's own). The red and green light display will provide hours of entertainment as you lay awake wondering how you are going to pay for college in 16 years. The cords easily detach for when your toddler picks up the baby monitor receiver and defiantly runs away at full speed with it in his sweaty little hand laughing hysterically. It can also, apparently, make phone calls to grandmas and nanas and Chucky's Cheese's house. This brand of monitor comes highly recommended.

Monday, February 7, 2011

makin' a diamond

last winter

Mommy, "Quick, look out the window there goes the snowplow!"
kid runs to window but misses the plow go by, "oh no! Want see it, please, please, please, please go back!"

Baby Monitor Update (to my new followers, this is the actual dialog my son has with himself and various other things in his room before he falls asleep at night):
"oh! red car jammies on! oh red car jammies (x4)....doot doot doot!...sleep in on pillow pet AHHHH!....jump on pillow pet!! AHHHH!!!....pillow pet sleep!...ahhhh baby, poor baby...sleep bed? yup!...pillow pet, read it...up coconut tree, chicka BOOM BOOM!....J told K...W, X and buddy....yep...P, X, Y, that book pillow pet...W....(yawn)... oh mine red car bed, this mine letters, MINE pillow pet...oh! cat in the HAT!...pillow pet, leave it, cat in the hat!...makin' a diamond pillow pet...coconut tree, boom..."

What is he reading?

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom
, Bill Martin Jr
Cat in the Hat, Dr. Seuss

Pillow Pet made a guest appearance today in the living room to watch the Puppy Bowl on the DVR. He was seen snacking on Doritos, even though what he really wanted was Gummy Bears.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Special Super Bowl Edition: Nap Time

ready for some football! Fall 2009

Mommy, "Do you want some supper? I have a quesadilla for you"

kid, "No, I eatin' mouse pad"

Baby Monitor Update:
"look at books, mother? my mother? my mother book (pages turning) it, mommy? mommy? oh mommy...hug....ahhhhh mommy...mommy gone...oh, make a "r"....R!...."

what's he reading? Are you my mother? by P.D. Eastman

Why was he up this morning at 6:30 AM? I have no idea...

Friday, February 4, 2011

hot choc-wit

Waitress, "and what would you like to drink?"
Nana, "coffee please."
Mommy, "water please"

Kid, " want hot choc-wit pwease."

-his first unprompted restaurant order!

Friday Night Baby Monitor Update:
"Big bunny go? Big bunny go?....ready bed....sit pillow pet, sit! pillow pet....the end...ohhhh! baby! no no, that's mine, get own, not mine, own...mine mine mine...oh no guys, look!...over my belly, oh that's blankie, wrap up, oh wrap up...Jen-Chairah, sleepin'...choc-wit, good....see the baby baby whoa (yes, Justin Bieber) lips, my lips, go ribbit, LIPS!...that's mine, anthony pocket mine, you go pillow pet, good...birthday, birthday! thank you thank you!, no, go sleep (fake snoring)...wake up! yeah!...wake up...bean boom bean boom...over there...goodnight dog...clock, sleepin in be down, blankie...pillow pet drink water? juice? yeah, water..."

Who is this Jen-Chairah he speaks of?
We are not sure, he loves them so much they just might be imaginary.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

mashed-ed dwainos

tub time at grandma's circa 2009

mommy, to kid in the tub, "your ears are so dirty you can grow potatoes in there!"
kid, "no mommy, I grow mashed-ed dwainos"

Baby Monitor Update:
"LMNOPQRSTUV...uh oh...wake up...go go go go runnin....(thumping noise)...(sighs) well well...sit...talkin bed, talkin good night mommy...good night....(fake crying)....(sneeze) bless you!... what's in there?...helpin mommy go sleep...woowooowooo, mommy, daddy, toys...sit down...chicka chicka boom wow!...shhhh, wait!..milk, food, go on....dreaming pillow pet...go upstairs.. (fake snoring)....cuddle up, oh no!...better...hummmm...."
asleep, 9:36 PM

What's he reading?
Chicka Chicka Boom Boom!

Breaking news of big baby and little baby (see previous posts). They are now on the pile with the other "friends" on the floor. Rumor has it that they were cover hogs and pillow pet could not tolerate them any longer. However, according to the babies, pillow pet is the one becoming too aggressive and wants the bed just for himself. Babies alluded to the idea that pillow pet has set blue blankie as his next target. Blue blankie, as usual, was not available for comment. The babies stated they would be happy to be back in bed only if pillow pet would participate in some anger management classes.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Late Show

our dog, Magic when we adopted her in 2006, she is a Shetland Sheepdog, she has yet to acknowledge we had a son in 2008

Baby Monitor Update, The Late Show, Kid got to stay up late to help me make pumpkin crunch for work tomorrow:

"dog, dog, dog, sit!...park....chocolate...oh oh....pillow pet...Magic?...sleepin' Magic (our dog)...pillow pet sleepin' in bed...cuddle up!...boom boom boom! pillow pet, oh no...get off my books, get touch it again...mooooo....monkey...pillow pet, I sorry...pillow pet, I see you laughing, ha!...pillow pet...elmo...comfy..."

There was no update last night, I wanted to go to bed early...on my way to my room I heard him yelling, I put my ear on the door, "no Pillow pet! no!" and he sounded upset so I went in. He was very distressed, I asked, "what is going on?" He replied, "Pillow pet trouble trouble trouble!!!" Me, "what did he do?" he said, "Oh pillow pet so much trouble!!!" I picked up pillow pet, "Now Pillow Pet, you need to be a good dog and go to sleep, now lay down and close your eyes and go to sleep" I gave pillow pet and kid a kiss. As I left he said, "Goodnight mommy, good job pillow pet."