Friday, February 25, 2011

everybody gymnastics

at the dinner table,
kid, "Mommy, 4 dollars please." and holds out his hand.
mom, "you want 4 dollars?"
kid, "no, want 5 dollars."

mom, "what do you want 5 dollars for?"

kid, "buy a tent."

the tent he had before he tore it apart, he looks really happy in it I can see why he wants another one

Baby Monitor Update:
"Kangaroom down the slide!...a bike! jump rope....grumpy kangaroom, still him...that jump o jean...want a turn a page...nope....baloooooon....want a play a park, slide!...what doin' everybody?...llama llama red ajama, A, pip!...yellow...P....big it...what?....up!...M...(yawn)...(several minutes of quiet)...2...everybody gymnastics (it was his first day of gymnastics, he loved it!)...(yawn)....(more quiet)....oh blue blankie...."

Recently been overwhelmed with all the questions about the blog pouring in. Well if you folks didn't know it I have 2 jobs and a 2 year old son. I have no time for your questions. But I know how people like to be heard so here is a list of FAQs that I might get to sometime...but most likely won't

What kind of toothpaste do you use?
What is the most important part of your bedtime routine?
What brand of hot cocoa do you use?
What do you feed this kid?
Has he been exposed to lead paint?
Please tell us the history and development of the Pillow Pet Product? (how would I know, come on people)
How long will you keep this blog going? Actually, this one I will answer, hopefully he continues to talk himself to sleep well into his adulthood, wouldn't that be fun!?

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  1. I love the shout out to Llama Llama! My favorite Llama by far!