Thursday, March 24, 2011


I will be at the beach next week, no baby monitor updates then! sorry

Baby Monitor Update:
"I love blue blanket....I want my blue blankie, it's back here, ohhh, lets get books, Chicken Licken!....oh I want him now...oh have a good day?...oh no...lets go library, library (x40)....whoa!...(silence)...oh mommy....I will wash it, wash it at home..."

he is asleep, seriously, why didn't he do this when I wanted him to sleep? Now that I want him to stay awake and chat he is done? seriously? well, guess I can go read now :)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

first day of preschool baby monitor update

Kid had his first day of preschool today, let's see what he thought of it...

Baby Monitor Update, " hug....birthday birthday....whewwww, I love a dog....(silence)....(more silence)....(this blog is slowly fading out, somebody suggested Mt. Dew, I am considering it)....(more silence)...."

the end

Saturday, March 19, 2011

several moments of silence

surfing, 2008

kid requested bed time at 7:30! we managed to hold off until 8:30...This has never happened before...

Baby Monitor Update:
"...(yawn)...where's my cheese?...( several moments of silence)...big dog...oh blue blankie.......(several more moments of silence)..."

I guess he was tired, this is amazing, I am hoping it does not start a trend of falling asleep fast, if so, we may have to find something new to blog about....

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Guest Blogger: Grandma!

(No images available at this time, Grandma doesn't know how to get photos on here)

Adventure at Grandma and Grandpa's house. Grandma - substitute baby monitor. March 11

9:30 - 9:50 "I want to home. I want go home."
"I want Mommy. Louder...I WANT MOMMY!!"
"Iwant sleep. I want sleep."
"I want go home. I want go home."
"Sun comin' up. I want go home."
"I want it. I don't want it."
"I want go home."
"I want...I want...I want go home."
"I want Daddy, I want Mommy."
(Grandma feels like a really BAD Grandma about now...)
(A little bit of crying.) "OK, done cryin'"
"Go home. I want go home."
(Silence) 5 minutes. 10 minutes. 15 minutes. 20 minutes. Whew, Asleep at last!!!
He was joined in bed with Blue Blanket, Clementine pillow pet, Alex pillow pet and the Wocket.

Back up at 7:15 a.m. "Sun comin' up!!"

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I'm funny!

reading daddy's book, in nana's bed with mommy's sun glasses on

Baby Monitor Update:
"I WANT BLUE BLANKIE!!! OH NO!!! (blood curdling scream, mommy runs down stairs, turns the light on and says, "look blue blankie is here, under your pillow pets." "oh" giggles, mommy leaves and says goodnight)....oh good day, anthony cryin mommy (real tears, too)......what's that? a mommy, what's that? a anthony, what's that? a daddy! what's that? a nana!....I'm anthony...have good day, goodnight daddy at work (he is actually at hockey)...I'm a little teapot (x4) ....I'm funny!...(fake snoring)....(several moments of silence, he may have fake snored himself to sleep)!...oh geeze, poor kitty....keep this one for mommy, mom loves books, oh cover up...keep books out...haha! popcorn...grrrroooooowwwwlllll....bite! (reading the book, Tails are not for Pulling)...tails not for pulling (yes, I just said that)....tails are not for pulling, not for kicking feet (confusing it with a book in the same series, Feet are Not for Kicking)....kicking!....hands off!, roooowww! bite!....hands off!! fish, silver fish (reading one fish two fish red fish blue fish by Dr Seuss)...a woman, not a woman a tail....(what?)....oh want my blue blankie, I want nana (nana left for Georgia yesterday)...nana nana...bless you kitty...goodnight...I want go home (he is home)...go home...."

Exclusive Interview with Blue Blankie
"Yes, I was hiding under the pillow pets. It started out as a joke, but I took it to far. I admit that, OK. What more do you want from me....Yes, I have regrets in life, don't all blankies? Now let it rest."
Our sources tell us they observed first hand blue blankie taking in excessive amounts of purple kool-aide and m&m's earlier in the day which, as we all know, can often lead to hiding under pillow pets and other various stuffed items.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

pudding, I want it

daddy playin hockey

at the ice rink, all patched up

The above photos are completely unrelated to this blog and it's comments other than kid and daddy are in them and they are cute...

Baby Monitor Update:
"don't walk bandage? my bandage go? (He stole the bandage off my finger because he said he needed it more)....oh pretty! (his star projector)...oh honey, wocket....oh hooo, oh hooo, sad (fake crying)....oh such good day...I love jesus...I sorry....I want my red car bed (talking about his inflatable mattress/ sleeping bag that is upstairs because he apparently needs 3 beds in his room)....mommy a boy? no, mommy a gwiwl (girl)... I want, I really want watch end of that movie, I want to sleep! ...oh Clementine, oh pillow...stay in bed my pillows, too, I steppin on um...(grunting)...sorry I step on pillows, oh kiss this one, and this one...I a big boy, a dog, I,, love pudding, pudding I want it...covers...a big boy, I'm a boy....( we have daily gender discussions, he is convinced we are all boys)...."

THE (new weekly) TOILET UPDATE:
Kid showed us his new trick of changing his own diaper. I think if he can do that he should be able to use the potty, right? come on...

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

oooh oooh ahh ahhh

this is quite possibly the most annoying book ever, notice the button on the right hand corner, yeah, it "chatters", it "chatters" all night long...

Baby Monitor Update:
"OOOOOH OOOOH OOOH AHHH AHHH (x 4,765, the most annoying book ever, see photo above and its in bed with him!!!!!)......want take monkey book upstairs, go sleep nana!...I need my ballooooon! (no, balloon is a choking hazard, I am a mean mom)...oh I sad, bunny, oh bunny, don't look....I want go upstairs! (his bedroom is in the basement, see how mean I continue to be)...those books...OOOOOH OOOOH OOOH AHHH AHHH (the book AGAIN!)...ooh oooh ah (his imitation x5)....monkey oooh oooh ahh ahhh (book noise again and again).....(and again, please for the love of Dr. Seuss, stop that book!!!)....go mommy's office, play Annie, please...sun's comin up sun's comin up!....Cat in a mashed twainos...sun's comin up and up and up!...go upstairs...have good day...want the monkey book!"

Message to all well meaning gift givers, never give the above book, never. He insists on keeping it in bed, he will roll over onto it at least 4 times during the night, but tonight I have devised a plan, go in and take the book away before I go to bed, after he falls asleep...why did it take me a year to figure this one out?

March 2009, trying on daddy's shoes, wearing his eye patch like a good boy, at age 11 months he figured out he can remove the patch, and the glasses and now asserts his independence and the glasses and patch are quite a fight...

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Big Jesus

kid, "OH NO OH NO!!! Mommy help!"
he runs into mommy's arms, "what is the matter?"

kid, "See big scary monster!"

mom, "what did the monster look like?"

kid, "like Big Jesus."
I guess no more church for us!

Baptism Day, August 2008, John and Jessica Willford, God Parents, mommy and daddy about 100+ pounds ago, and looming in the background, eerily over mommy's head: BIG JESUS

Baby Monitor Update:
"where my Tee-go?...(pages in book turning no other sound for 5 mintues)! money! dollars! 8, 8, 8, (reading the price tag on the back of one of his books)....buddy buddy pop pop...I need it, where my red book?...I want go upstairs...Duck feet, I get duck feet...I can't, I can't....I can't do it (I don't want to know)...what's that? yellow! orange, red...I want a home(I assure you, he has a home) room back, go under table...sad, happ-eeeee!, joyful, brave! brave!...brave boy...Tony (still obsessed with the What do you do with a grumpy Kangaroo book).....two chicka chicka boom booms (yes, we have 2 of those books, both are in bed with him!)...look at all those books...(yawn)...say car zip jammies..."

Somehow there are now 2 Blue blankies in bed. Which goes to show I have no idea what goes on here when I am at work. Complete and udder chaos is my guess.