Monday, February 7, 2011

makin' a diamond

last winter

Mommy, "Quick, look out the window there goes the snowplow!"
kid runs to window but misses the plow go by, "oh no! Want see it, please, please, please, please go back!"

Baby Monitor Update (to my new followers, this is the actual dialog my son has with himself and various other things in his room before he falls asleep at night):
"oh! red car jammies on! oh red car jammies (x4)....doot doot doot!...sleep in on pillow pet AHHHH!....jump on pillow pet!! AHHHH!!!....pillow pet sleep!...ahhhh baby, poor baby...sleep bed? yup!...pillow pet, read it...up coconut tree, chicka BOOM BOOM!....J told K...W, X and buddy....yep...P, X, Y, that book pillow pet...W....(yawn)... oh mine red car bed, this mine letters, MINE pillow pet...oh! cat in the HAT!...pillow pet, leave it, cat in the hat!...makin' a diamond pillow pet...coconut tree, boom..."

What is he reading?

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom
, Bill Martin Jr
Cat in the Hat, Dr. Seuss

Pillow Pet made a guest appearance today in the living room to watch the Puppy Bowl on the DVR. He was seen snacking on Doritos, even though what he really wanted was Gummy Bears.

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