Thursday, February 3, 2011

mashed-ed dwainos

tub time at grandma's circa 2009

mommy, to kid in the tub, "your ears are so dirty you can grow potatoes in there!"
kid, "no mommy, I grow mashed-ed dwainos"

Baby Monitor Update:
"LMNOPQRSTUV...uh oh...wake up...go go go go runnin....(thumping noise)...(sighs) well well...sit...talkin bed, talkin good night mommy...good night....(fake crying)....(sneeze) bless you!... what's in there?...helpin mommy go sleep...woowooowooo, mommy, daddy, toys...sit down...chicka chicka boom wow!...shhhh, wait!..milk, food, go on....dreaming pillow pet...go upstairs.. (fake snoring)....cuddle up, oh no!...better...hummmm...."
asleep, 9:36 PM

What's he reading?
Chicka Chicka Boom Boom!

Breaking news of big baby and little baby (see previous posts). They are now on the pile with the other "friends" on the floor. Rumor has it that they were cover hogs and pillow pet could not tolerate them any longer. However, according to the babies, pillow pet is the one becoming too aggressive and wants the bed just for himself. Babies alluded to the idea that pillow pet has set blue blankie as his next target. Blue blankie, as usual, was not available for comment. The babies stated they would be happy to be back in bed only if pillow pet would participate in some anger management classes.


  1. So far this is my favorite photo of AC - he looks SO much like his daddy, especially around the eyes! LOL
    I'm amazed by his vocabulary and comprehension of language and the world around him. What a truly amazing child. You are to be commended as parents. :)

  2. This is the cutest picture ever ! And I get so nostalgic for my big girls talks when they were little reading these.