Tuesday, February 22, 2011

dunder the bed

while playing with legos after supper....
kid, " Anthony not scared anymore, sleepin' top my new bed! No more sleep dunder the bed"

Baby Monitor Update from the Top Bunk:
"Oh get my pillow down here, Pillow Pet ....(crying, so mommy went down stairs, helped him move all the friends, blankies and pillows to "dunder" the bed, onto his old mattress underneath the loft bed)...oh no, where my wocket?...two pillows, where did my green pillow go? oh my green pillow gone (yeah, it's now in a winnie the pooh pillow case!)...sleep, oh no!...big, I am big...I love you...gone? mommy gone?...Clementine, I love you...(the problem with sleeping "dunder" the bed is that when the space heater comes on I can hardly hear kid, I believe he is using this time to plan the uprising with the friends and blankie)....(heater off)...get in bed, too!...My books get my bed...oh pillow pet..."

Anthony and Nana, August 2008. Nana was looking at new hairstyles and I told her I like this one! Currently she is in her room watching QVC, and act quickly because there is only 25 minutes left.


  1. Have you considered the dangers of a loft bed? Your son could be totally traumatized if there was a fall. Or it could be stunt man training. Your thoughts?