Monday, June 13, 2011

Oh Blizzard

We had quite the day, our friends Lynn and Ray stopped by on their way from Colorado to Oregon and their dog, Blizzard, ran away while staying in our yard. Anthony was quite taken by her, he told us at dinner she was probably at the park playing with her dog friends, going down the slide and riding a bike. So if anyone sees a dog on a bike, please tell her to ride it on back to our house. At this time we have reason to believe she was caught by animal control and is spending the night in doggy jail.

Baby Monitor Update:
"I want to hide...where my mama's room?...Blossom (grandma's dog) went to heaven, Blizzard ran down the alley and run down the street, and in the park and in the pasture....ahhhh...Caillou!.....crow crow crow....(yawn)...(cough)....I have a owie, what happen to my bandaid? takes for a few days, my owie's taken for a few days, today is a eye drop day (yep, it was)...Blossom, you here Blossom? (channeling dogs from the other side now) ....I can't hear Blossom.....I want my hand soap!....there is something on my bandaid.....for kicks, mix in a paint (huh?)....KK spells KK.....Oh Blizzard.....I scary!....12, 14, 18, 19, 20!!!'s fall...Blossom, I have her....(he might have a Ouija board in there)...(yawn)...(he sings a little ditty here that I can't figure out how to spell, but trust me, its the cutest thing you ever have heard!)....I go to school...I go to school...."

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