Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I don't like blue

exactly 3 years ago, we have both changed a lot!

Baby Monitor Update:
"the end....I need help going to's not night, it's morning, sun is not going down! (lets track him going through the stages of grief and loss, currently, denial)....I dont! I need to be 2 again, I three, not little!!! (a bit of anger, stage 2).... daddy, daddy? (bargaining).......I need another blankie, I need it (he now has FOUR blue blankies, FOUR)......I need lots of books!...I don't need, I need to fall off of this bed (stage 4, depression).....I am sad, no I am tired (stage 5, acceptance)....what color is my bed? I don't like blue....God, the Bible (he is listening to Veggie Tales Lullabies)....who's up in heaven?...

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  1. Has he been talking to Carl Gustav Chung again?