Thursday, June 23, 2011

the great escape

Tonight, he found his halloween costume in the drawer and had to wear it to bed on top of 5 pajama pants and 4 pajama shirts. While brushing his teeth, and admiring his antenna in the mirror, "My friends are bees"

Baby Monitor Update:
"Rock a bye baby.... I got a brother, my brother is Parker John maybe, PJ...this is made out of pipes (clunk, clunk on his bed) pipe...spider....this tickles!....(noise of door opening) keep my door closed... (tried to sneak out of his room!)......(he did it! he ran out of his room and up the stairs as fast as his legs could take him! He was directed back to bed by mean old mommy, back to the update), bottom, another one, another one another one! do another one!....I like Veggy tales, I know it, I know it....broccoli, jelly....sesame street, that is sesame my door right there? yes, my door is right there, my door sounds like, no, no (trying to talk himself out of leaving the room!)....(thump)....not that one, not that doesn't hurt, let's make you a seat belt...which one?...where is my baby? (again, a reference to a baby, I would love to be a grandma before I am 40!).....lets turn um on, they are on up in the hot tub, that one is off (hot tub?)....I'm a baby! blue feels good...color is that? yellow, no, clear....a forest, maybe a roof!....just a little little little...I am a bumble bee they go buzzzzz buuuuuzzzz, I can't go buzz.....(you just did)....yellow, green....OK"

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