Sunday, April 17, 2011

where's my stick?

I hear I have some new readers who have no idea what is going on here. Welcome! This is my son, Anthony, who is 34 months old (almost 3). After we brush teeth, read 3 books, sing 2 songs and say prayers and give kisses and hugs, I close his door and this is what I hear on the baby monitor. We have found it very entertaining, so I thought I should share...

Baby Monitor Update:
"Paddy wack! That my belly, my!...dumpyt humpty...(fake crying) rock, rock a in a in a ummm? in a hat is a cat maybe?...(thumping noise) bye dog wog, I anthony, it's anthony, I not a baby, it's a boy! it's a boy!...this is my butt, and it is pip, too....where's my stick? I want my stick!...upstairs!...a tomp a whompa (your guess is as good as mine, he asked to wear wompty tompty pajamas today, thanks again Dr. Seuss)...lemonaid, what is in lemonaid? It is hair is orange...poooop.....quesadilla, quesadilla, taco bell! quesadilla, dilla! I am owie....diarrhea, quesadilla, diarrhea, quesadilla, diarrhea, quesadilla (he can rhyme!) the backyard, making pottery (from the episode of Caillou we watched today)...diarrhea, quesadilla, diarrhea, quesadilla....bommy wommy...I have to be a big boy and not sleep's a little bit wet....I need medicine, I want mommy (So here is where I go down and give him some pepto, blog over)"

He has had diarrhea, but no quesadillas lately....


  1. If he had a quesadilla that might cure the diarrhea....c'mon sister - think outside the box!!! :)

  2. yes Tish, kill or cure as my grandma used to say!

  3. Love the rhyming!!! For a minute I thought he'd be eating quesadillas and watching Napoleon Dynamite!