Wednesday, April 13, 2011

a green witch

Lately he has taken to sleeping with the lights on. He tells us he is "scary lights off".... But in this outfit: dunderware, snow boots, a helmet and armed with 2 tennis balls in a sock, I do not know how a monster would not be afraid of him!

Baby Monitor Update:
"Mean witch, it's a mean witch (referring to mommy's wizard of Oz watch that she forgot he is wearing!)....2 witch, green witch stop it!'s a yummy flowers, eeeewww yuck! (Don't want to know)...dont go down here, dont go down here, go up up up!...wha wha ah wah!! (yawn)...I am sleepy....not a green witch, I not a green witch....12, 9, 12, 3 (watch).....I not sad, I happy! My body, in my body my body are bones, in my body bones....that's a witch, that is a green witch...that's a big camera, don't open it, what's down there?...that is a wocket....not my tummy....let's go to Denver....."....asleep

Elphaba Lives

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  1. Just you and I defying gravity!!