Thursday, April 14, 2011


this dish is featured in tonight's update...

Baby Monitor Update:
"broccoli, Celery! nuts!...better, that's better...anthony, boy...pretty cookies, yeah...I wanna get books, daddy have eye drops for home..... at mommy's book club....I love her...oh my santa....I can't see! I can't see with my eyes closed, keep eyes open, no eyes closed, I get in trunk, where is my goat please?...hmmmm...mommy, anthony, anthony, hop on pop peanut butter, top bottom, top not bottom, sun's down (he is not taking a breath, it's a constant stream) the sun down mommy, go home mr. golden sun (singing), flap flap duckling book,my belly, what's my belly? white belly, library, library, oh shrimp...wyoming, what wyoming?....why weeee? cream (x12)...daddy at work...that's mommy....sorry....ahhhh! weeeeee! ahhhhh! A- ahhhhh! yummy, yakisoba, yakisoba, yakisoba!!!! yakisoba is yummy, me eat yakisoba, it's yummy-soba, its good, I like it, I like to eat yakisoba....rocky baby, humpty dumpty sit on a wall, the cradle will fall, little wee, want cookie? baby waby, wobby tobbly....don't play with my food, eat my food and don't taste that, it's chicken...."

what is yakisoba? When daddy was in Japan he enjoyed Yakisoba and has been searching for it for years. My friend Tish told me the H Mart in Denver sold some so for spring break we found some. We all love it at our house....

Yakisoba (焼きそば?), literally "fried noodles", is a dish often sold at festivals in Japan, but originates in China. The dish was derived by the Chinese from the traditional chow mein, but has been more heavily integrated into Japanese cuisine like ramen. Even though soba (noodles made from buckwheat) is part of the word, yakisoba noodles are not made from buckwheat, but are similar to ramen noodles and made from wheat flour.


  1. Your boy has great taste!!! YUMMY SOBA rules! lol Glad I was part of tonight's blog! :)

  2. I have to ask, are the pretty cookies the ones I made? And is he talking about the library books? He is such a cute and silly boy!

  3. This one cracked me up, especially the comment about not taking a breath.

    There is restaurant in Northglenn called TOKYO TERIYAKI (115TH & WASHINGTON) that I believe serves yakisoba too. I love that place but I get the Tokyo Bowl. Yummmmm!!!

    Thanks for sharing your baby monitor updates. They are quite entertaining.

  4. Julie, I am not sure what cookies he is talking about, most of what he talks about is a guess for me! he did have the pigeon on the bus book in bed with him, but I didn't hear him reading it...he likes the books so thanks by the way :)

    and Roo, thanks so much for reading them! I am counting on you to by one of the first copies when I make it a book :)