Friday, April 29, 2011

the body book

after many many questions of "what's in my body?" and "what's in my bones" etc etc we found a body book for him, this photo is not it, I cannot find a photo of it, so this will have to do, it is pop up and its very above what should be his comprehension level, but I do have a genius child so....

Baby Monitor Update, "Blue Blood, Arteries, hmmmm, this is?....we don't fix it (a pop up page ripped)...bones!!! bones bones bones!....bones!....and that is your stomach, that is your head, that is your brain, too....(pages turning)! wow wow!...yucky,blue blankie, yucky...pbs kids dot org (been saying this all night, he could do their promo for it!) and tell...subaru! (yawn)....eye drum? NO! Ear drum, a mouth doctor, a finger doctor, a fuzz doctor a hockey doctor! Caillou!'s nap time...not wake up time....lay down! book? yes, wait!....big cat....chew chew chew....I get an egg!...I am a him, no I not a him...they got yellow, yell yell, white white white, yellow!'s walkin' around (no, it's mommy walking around making sure the drunks out on the sidewalk keep on movin').....I'm sorry, I'm sorry...(yawn)...."

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