Saturday, March 5, 2011

pudding, I want it

daddy playin hockey

at the ice rink, all patched up

The above photos are completely unrelated to this blog and it's comments other than kid and daddy are in them and they are cute...

Baby Monitor Update:
"don't walk bandage? my bandage go? (He stole the bandage off my finger because he said he needed it more)....oh pretty! (his star projector)...oh honey, wocket....oh hooo, oh hooo, sad (fake crying)....oh such good day...I love jesus...I sorry....I want my red car bed (talking about his inflatable mattress/ sleeping bag that is upstairs because he apparently needs 3 beds in his room)....mommy a boy? no, mommy a gwiwl (girl)... I want, I really want watch end of that movie, I want to sleep! ...oh Clementine, oh pillow...stay in bed my pillows, too, I steppin on um...(grunting)...sorry I step on pillows, oh kiss this one, and this one...I a big boy, a dog, I,, love pudding, pudding I want it...covers...a big boy, I'm a boy....( we have daily gender discussions, he is convinced we are all boys)...."

THE (new weekly) TOILET UPDATE:
Kid showed us his new trick of changing his own diaper. I think if he can do that he should be able to use the potty, right? come on...

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  1. The other day when AC was talking to Jen on the phone, she asked him if he went potty in the toilet. His response: "NO, I POTTY ON MOMMY'S FLOOR!"