Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I'm funny!

reading daddy's book, in nana's bed with mommy's sun glasses on

Baby Monitor Update:
"I WANT BLUE BLANKIE!!! OH NO!!! (blood curdling scream, mommy runs down stairs, turns the light on and says, "look blue blankie is here, under your pillow pets." "oh" giggles, mommy leaves and says goodnight)....oh good day, anthony cryin mommy (real tears, too)......what's that? a mommy, what's that? a anthony, what's that? a daddy! what's that? a nana!....I'm anthony...have good day, goodnight daddy at work (he is actually at hockey)...I'm a little teapot (x4) ....I'm funny!...(fake snoring)....(several moments of silence, he may have fake snored himself to sleep)!...oh geeze, poor kitty....keep this one for mommy, mom loves books, oh cover up...keep books out...haha! popcorn...grrrroooooowwwwlllll....bite! (reading the book, Tails are not for Pulling)...tails not for pulling (yes, I just said that)....tails are not for pulling, not for kicking feet (confusing it with a book in the same series, Feet are Not for Kicking)....kicking!....hands off!, roooowww! bite!....hands off!! fish, silver fish (reading one fish two fish red fish blue fish by Dr Seuss)...a woman, not a woman a tail....(what?)....oh want my blue blankie, I want nana (nana left for Georgia yesterday)...nana nana...bless you kitty...goodnight...I want go home (he is home)...go home...."

Exclusive Interview with Blue Blankie
"Yes, I was hiding under the pillow pets. It started out as a joke, but I took it to far. I admit that, OK. What more do you want from me....Yes, I have regrets in life, don't all blankies? Now let it rest."
Our sources tell us they observed first hand blue blankie taking in excessive amounts of purple kool-aide and m&m's earlier in the day which, as we all know, can often lead to hiding under pillow pets and other various stuffed items.

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