Wednesday, March 2, 2011

oooh oooh ahh ahhh

this is quite possibly the most annoying book ever, notice the button on the right hand corner, yeah, it "chatters", it "chatters" all night long...

Baby Monitor Update:
"OOOOOH OOOOH OOOH AHHH AHHH (x 4,765, the most annoying book ever, see photo above and its in bed with him!!!!!)......want take monkey book upstairs, go sleep nana!...I need my ballooooon! (no, balloon is a choking hazard, I am a mean mom)...oh I sad, bunny, oh bunny, don't look....I want go upstairs! (his bedroom is in the basement, see how mean I continue to be)...those books...OOOOOH OOOOH OOOH AHHH AHHH (the book AGAIN!)...ooh oooh ah (his imitation x5)....monkey oooh oooh ahh ahhh (book noise again and again).....(and again, please for the love of Dr. Seuss, stop that book!!!)....go mommy's office, play Annie, please...sun's comin up sun's comin up!....Cat in a mashed twainos...sun's comin up and up and up!...go upstairs...have good day...want the monkey book!"

Message to all well meaning gift givers, never give the above book, never. He insists on keeping it in bed, he will roll over onto it at least 4 times during the night, but tonight I have devised a plan, go in and take the book away before I go to bed, after he falls asleep...why did it take me a year to figure this one out?

March 2009, trying on daddy's shoes, wearing his eye patch like a good boy, at age 11 months he figured out he can remove the patch, and the glasses and now asserts his independence and the glasses and patch are quite a fight...

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