Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Big Jesus

kid, "OH NO OH NO!!! Mommy help!"
he runs into mommy's arms, "what is the matter?"

kid, "See big scary monster!"

mom, "what did the monster look like?"

kid, "like Big Jesus."
I guess no more church for us!

Baptism Day, August 2008, John and Jessica Willford, God Parents, mommy and daddy about 100+ pounds ago, and looming in the background, eerily over mommy's head: BIG JESUS

Baby Monitor Update:
"where my Tee-go?...(pages in book turning no other sound for 5 mintues)....money! money! dollars! 8, 8, 8, (reading the price tag on the back of one of his books)....buddy buddy pop pop...I need it, where my red book?...I want go upstairs...Duck feet, I get duck feet...I can't, I can't....I can't do it (I don't want to know)...what's that? yellow! orange, red...I want a home(I assure you, he has a home)....red room back, go under table...sad, happ-eeeee!, joyful, brave! brave!...brave boy...Tony (still obsessed with the What do you do with a grumpy Kangaroo book).....two chicka chicka boom booms (yes, we have 2 of those books, both are in bed with him!)...look at all those books...(yawn)...say goodbye....red car zip jammies..."

Somehow there are now 2 Blue blankies in bed. Which goes to show I have no idea what goes on here when I am at work. Complete and udder chaos is my guess.

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