Sunday, January 23, 2011

the night that blue blankie tooted

Mommy, "good morning sweetie!"
Kid, "good morning mommy!"
touches mommy's hair, "Mommy, you hair wild, mommy get haircut today, OK?"

he keeps my ego in check

Baby Monitor Update:
"hi pillow pet,, wow, WOW!...Coworado Avawanche!....W, X, Y, a dog, like a dog pillow pet! ha ha!!...stand up, quack quack, don't talk.... look blankie tooted....hi, wait don't! little dog, you dog....glub glub glub...(fake snoring)....pillow pet, do that! haha!!...cuddle up, pillow pet, want up? uh oh, blue blankie...come on pillow blankie, I love it, wash huh? good, I did it..."

Blue blankie was substituted today for blue blankie #2. The switch was undetected. However, upon leaving the dryer, blue blankie #1 was spotted and the 2 year old may have suspected the switch but then he was distracted by a pair of interesting under ware in the hamper which became a very stunning hat

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