Saturday, January 15, 2011

Goose Bumps

Mommy, "bed time, go give daddy kisses"
Kid, "daddy, kisses, goose bumps, hug, fives, head bump, more kisses, good night."
His nightly ritual with daddy and nana....his sister taught him how to fist bump last year, that evolved into what he calls, "goose bumps", its too adorable to correct...recently he added "head bump" which is just what it sounds like, he bumps heads with daddy...

this is the wall in his room, friends Jen and Kara helped paint it

Baby Monitor:
"sqeak in it, sqeak everyone...little blue boy, uh huh!! that angels, yeah!..leave that me books...pillow pet like green book...thank you all the time...reading book...monkey eatin banana! and a monkey too, eating nanas...look at this little guy, "racket, machine...mama monkey...look sad...oh no, hockey book, hockey blankie, tattoos, want them, like that!...oh blue blankie...kiss (kiss noise) blue blankie....oooo....(yawn) so tired, huh?...ok blue blankie...sleep...big sleep oh baby sleep, oh baby! sleep! red car pillow....I love it, pillow pet! let go! ....oh belly button, love little buttons, so cute! so pretty! so cool....pillow pet, come on, this one that one...hi mommy mommy...that's funny!!!...cow, funny...punch yummy....move it over...I like a move it move it, I like a move it move it..."

What is he talking about?
racket: the noise that frogs make
mama monkey: for the last few days he has been kid monkey and I have been mama monkey
tattoos: mommy put on tattoos for the Miss America Party, he has a spider tattoo on his hand
I like a move it: the song from Madagascar, "I like to move it"

What is he reading?

Some book about when the zoo sends animals to a kid but they are wrong, finally ends up with a puppy

the rest? who knows

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