Sunday, July 31, 2011

sleep over

Having his 7 year old cousin, Sloan over for the week, tonight is the first sleep over night!

Baby Monitor Update:

sloan" do you want to sleep on the top bunk or the bottom?
anthony, "play"
s, "no tonight when we sleep"
a, "nothing!"
s, "anthony! "
a, "ok, bottom!"
a, "push it baby!"

both sing the alphabet, someone is playing the mini piano

both, "boom diada boom diada!" (x12)
s, "hello! hi!"
a, "boom diada! I can talk to this?"
play phone rings
s, "I am talking to my friend sharon"
a, "oh hi!"
a, "the company store!"
a, "what are you talkin?"
s, "sharon"
a, "i have to talk to her"
s, "hi sherri! yes, sure, I can't figure him out"
a, sings ABC's , "that is how you do!"
s, "but of course"
a, "bye bye"

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