Sunday, July 10, 2011

I'm on fire !

first Christmas, 2008

"I am going to stay up all night and wait for Santa to come!!" ... it's July 10th, It is going to be a long night...

Baby Monitor Update:

"husssshhhhh...oh baby, shhhhhh....I am not magic, I cryin'...I can't find him...there is the baby, there is the pet...I see a no new now, I want a new mommy, I have a daddy....I'm on fire, I'm on fire (not going to check, I am 99% sure he is NOT on fire, but he gets extra credit for a new stall tactic).....(yawn) baby ooooh, baby baby woooo! (return of Justin Bieber!).....I need help....this is a old old bed, don't need it....I am daddy mama, mama mia!....mama mia....where is mama mia? where is her friend? talk....I don't have some bunny rabbits, we just have pigs (we do?)...piggy is a! I am your daddy, you want your mommy? your mommy is at work, I am a daddy (he found a baby doll right before bed) awe....awesome.....pillow pet, it's a pet, it's a pillow pet!, it's a pillow it's a pet, it not a pet, it's a racecar, zooooom! zooom it!!!....I don't live in a zoo anymore, how come? it's for animals...."

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